Koleksi 1


1. INTRODUCTION  Organisations, transformability  and the dynamics of strategy

2. Firm transformation: advancing a Darwinian perspective

3. Competing in times of evolution and revolution

4. Strategy dynamics in industrial marketing: a business types perspective

5. Modern project management and the lessons from the study of the transformation of the British Expeditionary Force

in the Great War

6. Interpreting the successful transformation of Shell’s advertising activity 1997-2002

7. The role of scenarios as prospective sensemaking devices

8. The paradox of using tacit and explicit knowledge

9. Dealing with the uncertainties of environmental change by adding scenario planning to the strategy reformulation equation

10. Strategic alliances and models of collaboration


u1s1-5 – introduction to cleaner production

u1s2-5 – theoretical concept

u1s3-5 – what is cleaner production

u1s5-5 – cleaner production – a future prospect

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