Koleksi 2

  1. Advertising intensity, investor recognition, and implied  cost of capital
  2. Bankruptcy prediction for Korean firms after the 1997 financial crisis: using a multiple criteria linear
    programming data mining approach
  3. Board size and firm risk-taking
  4. CEO incentives and the cost of debt
  5. CEO stock options and analysts’ forecast accuracyand bias
  6. Decision-making in sequential projects: expected time-to-build and probability of failure
  7. Disclosure frequency and information asymmetry
  8. Does foreign institutional ownership motivate firms in an emerging market to increase voluntary disclosure?
    Evidence from Taiwan
  9. Does Regulation Fair Disclosure affect analysts’ forecast performance? The case of restructuring firms
  10. Earnings management and market liquidity
  11. Effect of the Sarbanes–Oxley act on CEOs’ stock ownership and pay-performance sensitivity
  12. How do banks resolve firms’ financial distress? Evidence from Japan
  13. How to identify targets in the M&A banking operations? Case of cross-border strategies in Europe by line of activity
  14. Interest Tax Shields: A Barrier Options Approach
  15. Internal control material weakness, analysts’ accuracy and bias, and brokerage reputation
  16. Investment opportunity set, political connection and business policies of private enterprises in China
  17. New empirical evidence on the investment success of momentum strategies based on relative stock prices
  18. Non-parametric method for European option bounds
  19. Portfolio performance and accounting measures of earnings: an alternative look at usefulness
  20. Re-examining the investment-uncertainty relationship in a real options model
  21. Robust stock option plans
  22. Short and long-term interactions between venture capital returns and the macroeconomy:
    evidence for the United States
  23. The demand for accounting information: young NASDAQ listings versus S&P 500 NYSE listings
  24. The makings of an information leader: the intraday price discovery process for individual stocks in the DJIA

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